About Us / Made in Italy


Germans promotes innovative fashion inspired by tradition, focusing on high-quality products and special attention to craftsmanship in its creations.

Located in Vicentino, at Villa di Molvena, in an area with more than a 100-year tradition in leather manufacturing, Germans specializes in the creation of modern lines of clothing for women who are confident in their femininity and seeking a product that emanates class. In these historic times, in which many companies are leaving the Italian market, Germans continues to manufacture in Italy.

“Working in Italy means that we benefit from the expertise and production skills of local craftsmen who are very talented in the creation of "superior" manufactured clothing and in the selection of materials and finishings of indisputable quality.”

It is with pride that we confirm that Germans bears the best "Made in Italy" quality standard in the world.
Germans, Italian designer born in Molvena (VI) in 1965. His family has always worked in the production of leather garments. The craftsmanship of the production gives the collection a refined look with an exerienced taste; each garment is unique and characterized by lines and original shapes that, coupled with particular washing techniques, create jackets always different between them.

Each leather product is special, and after putting it on, it fits to the body becoming a second skin. Today Germans, with his new line I'M, is recognized as an internationally renowned brand. The process of realization of its clothing remains tied to a handicraft production which let him preserve the quality and style that distinguishes the real Made in Italy.

The production of Germans is conceived as a young and dynamic company that relies on the experience and expertise of its creators to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and materials, combined with a dedicated and timely customer service.
The heart of the I'M project is the thin leather, made of soft colors in shades and hues that blend each other in a harmony that is inspired by nature.

I'M is an underground collection dedicated to the day and at night, the use of the garments is transverse, easy to wear with an eye to elegance and luxury given by the choice of materials with extreme care in processing all signed Made in Italy.
I'M by Germans is not only a product, but it is the search for a personal and unmistakable taste, which comes from a passionate and poetic vision of leather material.